Basic Face Towels Bundle

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Our basic bundle includes one large box of 50 face towels plus one travel pack box of 10 face towels.
  • 100% BIOBASED FACIAL TOWELS. Our Face Towels are made with plant fibres which are dermatologically approved.
  • 100% CLEAN. Our Face Towels are manufactured in sterile surroundings with minimum impact on the environment.
  • UNIQUE BOX DESIGN. Our unique design helps the face towels remain pure after opening, unlike other top-selling brands, our boxes are 100% re-sealable after opening.
  • 100% BIODEGRADABLE: Made from 100% natural fibers, our face towels are fully biodegradable leaving both your skin and our planet happier.
  • EXTRA ABSORBENT: Super soft and highly absorbent, our towels are great for drying the face and the whole body too. A great alternative to the traditional towel.
  • EXCELLENT FOR REMOVING MAKEUP: Pair our towels with any makeup remover or cleansing balm to remove makeup easily.

100 % Biodegradable

Includes 50 Large Face Towels

Made from Plant Based Materials

Unique 100% resealable Box Design

Our box has a hygiene focused design allowing it to be totally resealed even after opening. This feature supports the purpose of the disposable face towel as a fantastic companion for your skincare routine.

The Perfect Duo

Avail a discount when you purchase our 50 count box along with our handy travel pack.