What Are Disposable Facial Towels, And Where Can You Buy Them?

What Are Disposable Facial Towels, And Where Can You Buy Them?

We all wash our faces regularly. Cleansing the skin is essential for healthy skin so that it looks and feels good. 

It is a regular part of our daily wellness routine and a simple yet effective routine for skincare. Once your face is washed, use a disposable face towel to wipe dry it. 

Have you ever wondered why you should use disposable face towels?

Research has shown that towels can harbour bacteria and other microbes, especially when they are not washed daily. This can cause acne and inflammation of the skin which is why we should avoid using them on our faces. This is why disposable facial towels are extremely important. 

What are Disposable Facial Towels?

These are single use towels to remove makeup, cleanse and dry the face. They are made of soft and absorbent plant based materials. You can use them once then dispose of them off. They are more hygienic than other products such as paper towels, cotton pads and regular towels used to cleanse the face. 

How are Disposable Face Towels different from traditional towels?

Reusing dirty towels can expose our skin to detrimental germs and bacteria as well as dirt and other irritants. Skin can even get infected if we use it over time. Regardless of how soft the towel is, it can still cause irritation and abrasions. This is why disposable facial towels are highly recommended for this purpose. 

However you might want to know even more about how disposable facial are different from traditional towels:

  • Traditional towels can expose you to mould while disposable facial towels offer clean skin.
  • Disposable towels offer extra soft skin while traditional towels can result in rough skin.
  • Traditional towels can easily damage your skin and can result in adverse skin effects whereas disposable facial towels are free from fragrance and alcohol. 
  • There is a fluorescent agent in traditional towels while disposable towels are free from it. 

Where to buy Disposable Facial Towels from?

Whistle Wellness is one of the best resources to buy disposable facial towels. 100% organic and natural fibers are used in manufacturing facial towels that make them gentle for the skin as well as the environment. They are the perfect companion for all your cleansing routines like removing makeup, applying skincare products and drying. More great reasons to buy facial towels at Whistle Wellness are:

  • No more breakouts and other adverse skin conditions.
  • 100% biodegradable products that check all the hygiene boxes.
  • They offer a travel pack size of 10 that you can take wherever you want.
  • Full refund on returns within 30 days. 

Benefits of Disposable Facial Towels

We use different towel products without giving it much thought. Unquestionably, there are towels for every single use from face towels and bath towels to hand towels.

The top three benefits of using disposable facial towels are:

  • Disposable facial towels ensure you have no flaky skin, acne or clogged pores.
  • They are perfect for when you’re in a rush for perfect cleaning.
  • Results in hygienic and clear skin.

Final Thoughts

We have learnt how disposable towels are important for you. Whistle Wellness is a great place to buy disposable facial towels for your daily use to address any acne concerns and for a much more hygienic skin routine.

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